Welcome to the picture post blog or picture posts posts!!!

Most of you who visit this blog will, one presumes have done so from a halfling project website.

So here you are already equiped with a knowledge database of what halfpenny halfling is all about?

No? Oh dear – give it time!

halfpenny halfling in concept if not in name has taken nearly four years to go from basic idea to actually building.

Picture post is an acknowledgement of how intergated photography is to this work, and that how I am a photographer cannot limit it’s progress within the project.

And really why should I ?

The whole point about “halfling” is it is what I want it to be – and I want it to be free to expand in whichever direction feels right.

I don’t expect everyone to like my photographic style – but I ask at least they respect it.

William David – July 2014


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