July 8, 2014

picture post – halfpenny halfling project

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What makes “picture post” different from the other websites.

Well the idea is that picture post will reflect images from the project , individual images rather than sets.

Most of the images will hopefully “standalone”

At the moment it’s in early stages – but will build up soon.

I wonder how many “get” the whole picture post presentation and section titles!!

the new blog for picture post – the halfling project

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I do not have a good history with blogs.

Over the years I have had several blogs – all seemed a good idea at the time and then after a while the attraction faded.

Why after all would anyone be interested, and perhaps just as importantly if I can’t be interested to keep blogs updated then why should anyone else ever read them.

However here i go again with a new blog setup for “picture post” – the photographic work from the halfpenny halfling project…

new readers start here…..

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