August 15, 2014

not much happening?

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I am I must admit not very good at keeping any blog updated – although I am trying to get into the twitter habit after many failed attempts.

I know it can appear that not much is happening on the project due to my limited online activity – but actually that is not the case.

There is little point putting things online when not complete – or unexplained.

The intro photo shoots whilst limited in number are going well.

The project key shoots are on hold at the moment due to lack of time and also the fact that whilst it is school holidays it’s near impossible to get everyone together due to family holidays!!

This is and has always been planned as a longterm project so please be patient!!

Hope you are all having a great summer.



a difficult age:-

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For only the second time whilst shooting pompous hobbit/halfling beginners shoots have I met parents who put politely have no idea how to behave – turning up at a location and only then asking questions that should have been asked prior to date set, not even bothering to check details provided and by attitude questioning the very basis of trust so important in this work. It has not escaped me that both sets of parents had sons in the 16-17 age range.

This is a difficult age as you can join the army at 16 but need to have “an approved adult” for a photoshoot.

This can lead to resentment on both sides.

Frankly it would just be easier to avoid this age by either working with children where the parents tend to take a genuine interest in their offspring and even get involved in the shoot or over 18’s where those taking part can either be independant and solo or choose to have a parent or friend along.

For what it’s worth I encourage someone else being there if they are happy with it.

However to make this exclusion would hit the many very talented participants of the series with fantastic parents that have made the day better.

It doe’s make me wonder though if more careful vetting of the parents is needed to avoid cancelled shoots and rudeness….

Sadly if say a young actor is unlucky enougth to have such parents – they can expect problems at castings – word soon gets round “best avoid” – parents from Hell..


July 8, 2014

picture post – halfpenny halfling project

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What makes “picture post” different from the other websites.

Well the idea is that picture post will reflect images from the project , individual images rather than sets.

Most of the images will hopefully “standalone”

At the moment it’s in early stages – but will build up soon.

I wonder how many “get” the whole picture post presentation and section titles!!

the new blog for picture post – the halfling project

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I do not have a good history with blogs.

Over the years I have had several blogs – all seemed a good idea at the time and then after a while the attraction faded.

Why after all would anyone be interested, and perhaps just as importantly if I can’t be interested to keep blogs updated then why should anyone else ever read them.

However here i go again with a new blog setup for “picture post” – the photographic work from the halfpenny halfling project…

new readers start here…..

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