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William David creator of Picture Post - the halfling projectWilliam David creator of Picture Post - the halfling project


       about Picture Post          

pyyyyyPicture post is a natural development of the project

Halfpenny Halfling which uses photography extensively in it's makeup.

This I guess is no surprise - I have taken photographs as long as I can remember, and still find the excitement of taking pictures and reaction to the results rewarding.

So here with picture post are just some of the images from the project.

In time it will build and in some aspects become more photo journalistic in style [ my original intention].

However after the change from original project title "pompous hobbit" to that of "halfpenny halfling", came a level of intergration with my  work with young actors and performers at which point the photography content was set to expand.

At the start the early pompous hobbit shoots were set simply to find people to work infront of the camera on shoots to illustrate the project.

However, so impressive were some of these individuals that it set me on a road to expanding the shoots to more fully show what they could do, and help them onto their desired path within performance or modelling.

Then there are meetings which incorportate photography to build up confidence within the subject - these too have been expanded.

When I began "halfling" I went out of my way to avoid images or actors from my other works - worried that it would lead to confusion and lack of original content, and also dilute my wish to help those starting out as part of the shoot deal.

Here however I think I was wrong as a recent shoot with Tom Hopcroft has illustrated. 

His experience added to the shoot and the project not detracted from it.

The aim however remains to use and show new talent throughout the project, and within the images on picture post.

In other sections I will explain the concept and intentions around the structure and planning of these shoots, but for now I hope you enjoy looking at the images here and thank you for your interest.


With kindest regards,


William David - June 2014



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