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church times

church times - the halfling projectchurch times - the halfling project

Unlike my other work - the halfling project shoots were always designed to be shot at outside locations.

This reflects that much of the key work will be location based.

Images you see 2013-14 are shot in locations across the south east of England. The church ruin seen here is a popular location with actors and allows a wide range of work. 

The truth is that on the early shoots backgrounds are kept simple concentrating on the subjects.

But an interesting location is never a bad thing.

Working "outside" can be quite a challenge - remember many shoots were shot during the winter, but reflecting multi season styles.

It's a good test certainly of how serious somebody is about "modeling" or "acting" both of which demand a high level of stamina.

These shoots reflect well how it often can be during filming or shooting no matter how big the production.

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