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One Direction is sold on an image where music is a small part of the "brand"

Actors/performers must be prepared for this form of branding and loss of personal privicy. 

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  What is the key difference between modelling and actors shoots?

An actor is often the personality - the viewer wants to know who he is, and often see him not just in charactor but as himself [or his chosen public persona too]

  A model on the other hand is often nameless - and is there to sell or promote an idea,lifestyle product outfit or design - or simply look good.

  In this section we explore the world of "showing off" with physique style shots which feature the male physique and is a very popular branch of male modeling.

It is important to stress that physique style is not sexual in any extreme or obscene way - but simply portrail of the male physique. 

Also we see young actors /performers in subtle "pin up" style shots which uses sexual attraction to advance their career - be honest would One Direction be as successful as they are on their musical talents alone? 

The fact is the entertainment industry uses this form of marketing of talent a lot - although the public are more used to it being female lead.

It is important that public decency is maintained, these images should be fun and attractive and importantly quite subtle.

This is not the same as actors in charactor for example where sometimes the images can be harsh, violent or even sexual.

No this is about the game of human attraction - girl finds boy attractive, boys finds girl attractive and every variation of that basic premise!!

For some younger actors/performers [16 +] taking their shirts off is quite an ordeal, but it's just part of the whole process of playing the celebrity game, and once the initial embarashment subsides many come to enjoy the whole process of basically showing off!!

Male glamour work is often with the ladies, and male shots are frankly much more subtle than dipiction of the female.

The obvious exception to this is the porn industry which is outside the remit of my work, and that of those I work with.

What we see within these pages are a range of examples from the project series of this kind of shoot style.

An important thing to note is often the most effective shots in this kind of portrail are often quite subtle, a part opened shirt , rather than full shirtless that kind of thing and not blantent showing off.







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